28 May 2018
Jordan University of Science and Technology(JUST) launches the University Education Output Project , and the Needs of the Labor Market for Expertise and Competencies for Sustainable Development


 JUST will launch a project to modernize and develop university education for sustainable development on Sunday, 3/6/2018 in order to boost the labor market with expertise and competencies and to become more involved in community service.

The project will include the colleges, research and technological centers, engineers union, student union, university graduates and a number of public and private institutions. The focus will be on communication with industry, providing the labor market with the necessary expertise and skills, strengthening university ties with the local community, moving to university for more global, putting more joint programs and strengthening the university's presence in international forums and projects.

The project will undertake a comprehensive review of the study plans, with the help of graduates and industry, to adapt the study plans to the needs and competencies required for the entry of the graduate into the labor market, the introduction of learning technology, adding of new problem-based plans, Case Study, the development of engineering training and directing graduate projects and master's thesis towards more creative solutions to the society and industry needs.