26 Apr 2018
Khreisat Honors the Winners of the "Free Drawing" Competition for the Jordanian Universities

The president of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Saeb Khreisat, patronized the ceremony of honoring the winners of the free drawing competition held at the level of the Jordanian universities. The competition was organized by the Deanship of the Student Affairs in the University and with the participation of students from different disciplines from 12 public and private universities.
Khreisat opened the exhibition which included oil and water paintings, several drawings using charcoal and lead, and many drawings of certain characters, landscapes, and natural views. 
In addition, the President of the University honored the students, who come in the first place: Heba Mohammad Yousef from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Ma'amoon Ahmed Al-Mahameed from Philadelphia University, and Mohammed Khalaf Alian Balao from the Hashemite University, for the oil and water painting competition.
The president also honored the students, who obtained the second place: Mohammed Omar Kamel Al-Omari from Yarmouk University, Hadeel Emad Al-Khatib from the University of Jordan, and Shaden Taha Mahmoud Al-Karaki from Mu'tah University. Moreover, he honored the students who won the third place: Samer Al-Reihi from Philadelphia University, Anood Isma'el from the University of the Applied Sciences, and Duaa Mahmoud Theeb from Jordan University of Science and Technology.
The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Student Affairs Prof. Awni Al-Atom, the academic and the administrative members, and the university students.