22 Apr 2018
The Faculty of Pharmacy Organized a Charity Football Game in support of Needy Students Fund


Under the patronage of Prof. Saeb Khreisat, The president of Jordan University of Science and Technology and in a charitable initiative that became an annual tradition at the Faculty of Pharmacy, a charity football match was held for the fifth year in a row between faculty members' team and students' teams on Sunday 22/4/2018. The event was in support of needy students' fund. This year's competition was very popular and attended by a lot of students, administrators and faculty members from the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The matched ended with a 2-0 win for the faculty members' team. The game was charmed by a sense of entertainment and enthusiasm where the names of courses for faculty members were printed on their shirts.


 The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Karem Alzoubi, indicated that such extracurricular activities reinforce the relationship between students and faculty members, enhance student's personality and sense of belonging.


The Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Awni Al-otoom, said that these activities are part of the University's mission to create an effective university environment that will shape the students' personality and prepare them for the job market.


Dr. Aref Zayed, from the Faculty of Pharmacy, who organized this event, explained that the idea of this activity comes to provide the sense humanitarian philanthropy through a recreational sport that motivates everyone to participate and donate, supervised the event.