21 Apr 2018
Graduation of diploma students in vocational education and training at Jordan University of Science and Technology


Patronized by the University President Professor Saeb Khreisat, the Consultative Center for Science and Technology at Jordan University of Science and Technology organized a graduation ceremony for students of the vocational training diploma, "Hospital Management and Medical Records"


Professor Khreisat said that the training diplomas come within the university's responsibility to provide training and rehabilitation services that benefit the various segments of society, and they provide the local and Arab market with skilled and qualified personnel, which contributes in reducing the phenomena of poverty and unemployment.


The director of the Consultative Center, Dr. Bashar Al-Omari, emphasized the academic and practical value gained by the students during their training at Jordan University of Science and Technology through 240 training hours distributed over 5 months with theoretical lectures and practical training at the University and King Abdullah University Hospital.


Dr. Rabea Al-Waqfi, who supervised the training program, praised the students' achievements during the training period and wished them success in their future. She confirmed that they are equipped with training skills that will have a distinctive impact in improving their career opportunities in hospitals, health centers and public and private clinics.


At the end of the ceremony, the University President handed over the certificates to the graduates.