22 Apr 2018
A blood Drive was held by the Jordanian Pharmacy Students Association at the University Campus

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, prof. Karem Al-Zoubi, opened the blood donation campaign carried out by the Jordan Pharmacy Students Association (JPSA) in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Blood Bank Directorate at the Ministry of Health, and the Student Union. The event was held in front of Al-Farouq hall and included several stations to disseminate basic information and scientific facts about donating blood, and correct some misconceptions about the subject. Donors were checked before they went to donation stations. Drinks and snacks were provided to the donors after they had completed the donation.

Ninety two blood were withdrawn from donor students, which is a big indication of the people's love for charitable work and their awareness of the importance of blood donation because of its great benefits needy patients.

 The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Karem Alzoubi thanked the members of the JPSA team for their hard work and stressed the importance of such activities to develop the sense of charitable work and social responsibility among students.