19 Apr 2018
The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology meets the Committee of International Residents Accreditation of Nursing Bachelor Program


The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Saeb Khreisat, met with the delegation of international residents for the accreditation of the ACEN Bachelor of Nursing program at the University under the chairmanship of Dr. Nell Ward and in the presence of Vice President Dr. Khalid Al Salem.

Khreisat said that this visit comes as part of the University's strategic plan to achieve the international accreditation that helps ensure quality and enhance excellence in clinical programs. He indicated that obtaining international accreditation will provide an incentive to maintain outstanding job performance and continuous institutional improvement.

The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Huda Gharaibeh, said that the purpose of this visit is to review the work of the Faculty of Nursing to assess the application of accreditation and quality standards as part of the University's policy of transferring international accreditation to all faculties in the University.

Al-Gharaibeh affirmed that the Faculty of Nursing at the University is working on continuous development in curricula, plans, and teaching methods. It also seeks to provide the latest materials and equipment to maintain the efficiency of its graduates. In addition, it is making distinguished efforts to develop the nursing profession at the national, regional, and international levels.

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Nursing in  Jordan University of Science and Technology is a collaborating center with the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop nurses and nursing forces in the Middle East