16 Apr 2018
Launching the Arab Conference Events of Structural Engineering at Jordan University of science and Technology (JUST)
On behalf of the President JUST Prof. Dr. Saeb Khreisat, the Vice President of the University, Pro. Dr. Osama Naseer inaugurated the 14th Arab conference events for Structural Engineering. The conference was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering at the University and will continue for 4 days.
             Dr. Naseer called on all the participants in the conference to contribute actively and positively to achieve all the desired goals. He called for finding a formula contributing to the progress and success of the engineering profession, which is considered as the foundation of the basic civilizational progress that serves the society and improves the standard of living to achieve the vision of the Hashemite leadership to promote the nation through the development of creative thinking among the students in all fields of science and research.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University, Dr. Samir Al-Aasha said that the conference seeks to provide all the modern developments and  techniques which has been reached for engineers through 54 research papers and Arab and local and international participation and extensive specialized workshops. He also pointed out that the university takes on a leading role in achieving the royal visions, which is the seventh paper of His Majesty King Abdullah II. These visions focus on building human capabilities and developing the learning process as a way for the renaissance of the nation to receive its contents on future directions of the university.
In his turn, the head of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference, Professor Dr. Mohammed Al-Shiab said that the conference is aimed at presenting, discussing and documenting the studies and researches by Arab and other scientists. The studies conducted about the methods of analysis methods, design, methods of construction methods, modern construction materials, ways of using them, methods of reconstruction of damaged buildings, restoration and recycling of construction materials, developing modern technology in the field of construction building and construction to reduce its cost and move towards the construction of green buildings to preserve the environment and natural resources to save energy and renewable sources.
 The Chairman of the Permanent Organizing Committee, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Redha, said that the conference seeks to sharpen the interest of researchers and engineers to conduct studies and applied research in order to rebuild what was destroyed by wars as soon as possible and less expensive roads methods.
The head of the Department of Civil Engineering at  JUST, Dr. Waseem Barham, pointed out that the department includes a elite group of faculty members who are working continuously for quality outputs in terms of quality and efficiency. The department has awarded all degrees including a PhD in Structural Engineering.

The conference was attended by experts and researchers from Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Pakistan and Nigeria.
The opening ceremony, which was attended by deans of the faculties, members of the teaching and administrative bodies and graduate students at the university, was concluded by thanking all the leading institutions and bodies that supported the conference.