16 Apr 2018
Al Majali lectured at Jordan University of Science and Technology


Former Interior Minister, parliamentarian from the upper house his excellency Hussain Hazza Al-Majali, said that Jordan guarantees its citizens an acceptable standard of living, and preserve their security and safety and give them equal opportunities with others. At the same time, Equal rights among all categories of citizens are the basis for their shared responsibility for the homeland.

In a lecture titled " Challenges Facing Jordan," Al- Majali stressed that the unified Jordanian national identity works as a framework for the unity of Jordan in the face of terrorism at the regional level , furthermore he stressed that any efforts to consolidate the concept of Jordanian national identity, must be based from a practical and realistic view to this issue, which is mainly based on the equation between two parties, the state and the citizen, and it is important that the objectives of the state and the citizen match.

Al- Majali outlined the challenges facing Jordan internally and externally to include the political security situation in the neighboring countries, and the developments of the Syrian crisis.

 He pointed out to the challenge of extremist thought, which confronts and fights with thought and argument not with gun, plane and tank, explaining that the use of weapons in the face of extremist thought will generate a more radical thought. And the decline of the role of the middle class and its ability to play its national and leading role, and the decline of citizens' sense of justice development, especially in the provinces.

 For his part, the President of the University of Science and Technology, Prof. Saeb Khreisat, praised the role played by his Excellency Hussein Al-Majali in various fields during his tenure in a number of important positions in the country.

 At the end of the lecture, which was attended by Vice President Dr. Mohammed Al-Abini, Al-Majali answered the questions and queries of the attendance of faculty members, students and university staff on contemporary issues and challenges.

 The President of the University, Prof. Saeb Khreisat, met former Interior Minister his excellency Hussain Hazza Al-Majali at his office. During the meeting, many issues of common concern were discussed. During the meeting, Dr. Khreisat reviewed the academic and scientific progress of the university and the strategic plans and programs adopted by the university, which brought it to advanced positions in a number of international classifications.