08 Apr 2018
Al-Ebbini sponsors the events of the 14th "Career Day" at Jordan University of Science and Technology

On behalf of the President of Jordan University of Science and Technology Dr. Saeb Khreisat, Prof. Mohammed Al-Ebbini, the Vice-President inaugurated the 14th Career Day,  organized by the Office of Career Guidance and Follow-up of Graduates/ King Abdullah II Fund for Development in the Deanship of Student Affairs, with the participation of "100" local and regional companies in the field of work at the international and local levels, with the aim of creating new opportunities for university graduates to work or train in these companies.

Prof. Al-Ebbini assured that the Career Day, which is annually organized by the University, embodies the real networking between the private and academic sectors, which reflects His Majesty King Abdullah II vision in deepening the effective partnership between various companies. In addition, the Career day aims at introducing the activities and services provided by the university, and meeting a group of distinguished  university graduates within the vision of the university and its objectives. This will definitely contribute in having an output that is commensurate with the labor market, providing the local market with qualified graduates, and creating them  job opportunities, thus contributing to solving the unemployment problem among graduates.

Dr. Awni Al-Atoum, the Dean of Student Affairs, said that this annual exhibition is an important event for university students in general, and for graduates in particular, as it provides new horizons for those who stand at the graduation thresholds and dream of finding their opportunities in the labor market and make them meet the requirements of the labor market in different majors.

For his part, the Director of the Office of Career Guidance and follow-up of the affairs of graduates Mr. Sahm  Obeidat said that the organization of such exhibitions is the result of a continuous process provided by the Office for the university students to give them a career guidance and training for the purposes of qualifying them and linking them to the local and regional labor market

Dr. Al-Abini accompanied with deans of faculties at the university, the teaching staff,  administrative staff, university students, and guests from outside the university toured throughout the exhibition.