01 Apr 2018
Ebbini hosts the final round for the first scientific debate championship of conservative dentistry

On behalf of Jordan University of Science & Technology's president professor Sa'eb Khraisat, the university's vice president, Professor Mohammad Ebbini sponsored the final round of the first scientific debate championship, The Great Debates of Conservative Dentistry, organized by the faculty of dentistry. The championship took place with the presence of the Malaysian Ambassador in Amman, Mr. Datuk Jilid Kuminding, Professor Suhad AlJundi, dean of the faculty of dentistry in Jordan University of Science & Technology, and the president of Saudi Students Club in Irbid, Mr. Ali Al-Gambar.

In his reflection on the experience, Ebbini emphasized on the interest given by the university to such extracurricular activities and creative skills, which serve to enrich the minds of the students, broaden their spectrum of knowledge and culture, and provide the necessary diversity in the curricula. Moreover, he asserted that these activities are considered to be a corner stone in the university's vision & mission, due to its role in motivating students and guide through the process of planning for their future.

Thanking the faculty members and the students who participated in this event, Ebbini emphasized on the importance of debates as a tool for spreading the culture of dialogue, and accepting the other's opinion.

In this contest, Dr Abu-Baker Qutieshat, the coordinator of the activity stated that the goal of the championship is to enhance student's communication skills and teamwork, along with developing their abilities in the fields of scientific research, analysis, and criticism.

Qutieshat also explained the process of policy paper construction, which took place alongside the debates. 10 policy papers were constructed, with the aim of providing practical solution for some of the most pressing issues in the field of dentistry and dental education.

The debates revolved around controversial issues in dentistry, such as the implementation of modern technologies, dental ethics, and education. Four teams out of six passed the qualifiers into the final round, under the supervision and adjucation of Dr Qutieshat, Dr Omar Rajjoub, Tala Maragha, an international debater and trainer, and Mohammad Abu-Samak, an international debater.

Several faculty members attended the final round, in which the winning teams and the sponsors were rewarded.