31 Mar 2018
Discussing Cooperation between Jordan University of Science and Technology and Tunis El-Manar University

Prof. Saeb Khreisat, the president of Jordan University of Science and Technology, discussed with the President of El-Manar University in Tunisia, Dr. Fathi Saloutie, and the accompanying delegation ways to strengthen relations in various academic fields on Tuesday.

The discussions focused on medical specialties, public health, cooperation in the field of research and exchanging visits between students and faculty members of the two universities. The possibilities of cooperation concerning postgraduate programs were also discussed.

Prof. Khreisat briefed the delegation on the international plans and programs adopted by the medical colleges at Jordan University of Science and Technology. Moreover, he highlighted its role in providing the local and Arab medical sectors with trained and distinguished staff. He furthermore noted that the university is keen to expand bridges of cooperation and communication with Tunisian scientific institutions and receiving students from different countries.

The Delegation praised the supreme level of Jordan University of Science and Technology in addition to its distinguished local and international reputation and achievements, and they expressed the desire to strengthen cooperation between the two universities.

The meeting was attended by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Nael Obeidat,               Dr. Yousef Al-Qa'oud and Dr. Issa Huwaidi