25 Mar 2018
A Lecture at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) Entitled "Drugs, their Damages, and Methods of their Prevention"

In cooperation with the Anti-Narcotics Department in the  Directorate of Public Security, the Faculty of Science and Arts at JUST organized a lecture entitled "Drugs: their damages and methods of their prevention".


During the lecture, the Major Amer Al-Hiyajneh stressed the necessity of cooperation of all institutions and bodies with the Anti-Narcotics Department in order to limit its spread throughout the Kingdom. He also reviewed the types of drugs and their effect on the nervous system of the human being, which makes the abuser lives a state of illusion and imagination and presented some illustrations.

He also put forward a number of guidelines on the protection and prevention of drug risk and the provision of free treatment of addiction if the addict has the will for this in the hospitals allocated without accountability or punishment.  In addition, Al-Hiyajneh urged the students not to drift behind the misconceptions that promote this destructive lesion on the human and society.

The Dean of the Science and Arts Faculty, Dr. Qutaiba Khatatba , praised the efforts of the anti-Narcotics Department in the Directorate of Public Security to combat and treat this scourge and raise awareness about its negative effects on society.

 Dr. Al- Khatatba stressed that the convening of this symposium comes in line with the vision of His Majesty King Abdulla in the implementation of national goals for the safety of society and the dissemination of awareness among the groups about what is going on around them and raise their sense of responsibility.


 At the end of the lecture, Dr. Al Khatatbeh invited the students to register at the "Anti-Narcotics Agents" course, which will be held by the Anti-Narcotics Department of the Ramtha Police Department at the university in order to raise their awareness of the dangers of drugs.​