22 Mar 2018
​JUST discusses mutual future collaboration with the "Abdel Hameed Shoman Foundation"

JUST discusses mutual future collaboration with the "Abdel Hameed Shoman Foundation"

The Deanship of Scientific Research at Jordan University of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Foundation of Abdul Hameed Shoman, has held an introduction seminar about Abdul Hameed Shoman scientific research programs. The seminar was conducted by the Director of the Scientific Research Department at Shoman, Eng. Ruba Al Zu'bi, and the Coordinator of the Shoman Fund for Scientific Research, Ashraf Al Tarawneh, in addition to the Scientific Research Coordinator, Khalid Sinan. The seminar included a presentation about the most important programs being implemented at Shoman that relate to research and innovation; the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for the Arab Researchers, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Fund for Scientific Research Support, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Award for Innovation, which was established recently, and finally the Shoman Society for Scientific Research and Innovation.

The seminar also included two talks from two distinguished recipients of the Arab Researchers' Award from JUST; Prof. Karem Al-Zu'bi, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and Dr. Ann Gharaybeh of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at JUST. Both professors shared their experience and the process for receiving such distinguished award, and also motivated the attendees and researchers and encouraged them to utilize the Shoman resources, support and awards for researchers. The seminar was attended by a group of faculty members, researchers and a number of interested students. The president of JUST, Professor Saeb Khreisat, met the delegation of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation for possible future collaboration and opportunities to support the scientific research and innovation for the academic staff. Professor Khreisat stressed out the importance of the university support to all professors and students to create a supportive rich environment that is conducive to innovation and excellence.

The meeting was attended by Vice President Prof. Sarhan Haddad, Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Ghassan Tachtoush, Assistant Dean of Scientific Research Dr. Noor Al-Mortada, Director of External Research Office Dr. Mohammad Nazzal and Director of the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects Dr. Fahad Awad. Abdul Hamid Shoman Foundation is one of the most reputable national and Arab institutions that have emphasized the importance of scientific research in the Arab world and provided support and generous funds. It worthy to mention that the number of winners in Abdul Hamid Shoman Prize for Arab researchers from the University of Science and Technology up-to-date is 43 winners.