08 Mar 2018
​ Members of the Administrative Board of the Students' Union at JUST Take Oath

Members of the Administrative Board of the Students' Union at JUST Take Oath

The administrative board of the Student Union took their oath in the presence of the Acting President of the University prof. Khaled Al-Salem, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Awni Al-Atoum and members of the Higher Committee for Elections on Monday, March 5.

Prof. Al-Salem congratulated the administrative board who won the elections that took place at the university recently, emphasizing the importance of harmony among students to reflect the depth of their affiliation to the university and homeland.

Prof. Al-Salem advised the students to be fully aware and responsible for their behaviour, and good morals. He stressed the importance of democratic dialogue, respect for opinion and other opinions and the need to benefit from previous experiences in order to move the Union forward to achieve its goals.

For his part, Dr. Awni Al-Atoum stressed the support of the Deanship for all activities of the Union aimed at raising students' awareness, refining their personalities, developing their talents and enhancing the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the Hashemite leadership. He also advised students to abandon quarrels, violence and extremism and abide by regulations and instructions to preserve the university's achievements.


The President of the Union Amr Bani Salama pointed out the importance of dialogue and cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs in the development of programs and work plans for the activities of the Union and to activate communication with students to solve problems.