08 Jan 2018
JUST developed the master plan of the city of Fuhais, Jordan


JUST developed the master plan of the city of Fuhais, Jordan

The College of Architecture and Design at Jordan University of science and technology has developed the comprehensive master plan of Fuhis city in Jordan.

The college in corroboration with Fuhis municipality discussed the comprehensive master plan which is prepared by the fifth year students as part of the fulfillment of the requirements of the urban studio course within the curriculum of the architectural program at the department of architecture. The first workshop was held in Fuhis municipality under the supervision of the college and the head of the municipality attended by engineers, academicians, and local community participants who are interest in such workshops.


The workshop handled many several issues the city faces such as social, economical, and transportation issues. By the end of this session conclusions were discussed in public taking into consideration all the comments from the participants included the local community feed back to modify the plans.

Dr.Ahmed Attia, the dean of the college of architecture and design, assured that just is always committed to interact and contribute to solving local community problems by all possible means. He added that our faculty members and students are interested in such workshop which is very beneficial for the local communities and the university as well.

Dr.Hussain Alzoubi, the chair of the department and the vice dean, said that this workshop is very useful and important to fulfill the university mission and vision in terms of interaction with local communities which eventually helps our students to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field of urban planning and architectural design.

The instructor and the supervisor of this workshop, Arch.Anwaar Bani Salman added that (Community Participating Design)  is used for the first time in planning and design courses as a method to find more practical solutions for our cities in Jordan. .

After preparing all the necessary drawings, the municipality participated in the jury of the final version of the master plan of Fuhais which was held in the college of architecture and design at Jordan University of science and technology. They acknowledged the outcomes and expressed their feelings towards the professional work on the master plan of the city. The municipality team has selected some ideas of the presented projects to implement them in the very near future.