14 Dec 2017
​​ The Nigerian Ambassador in Amman visited Jordan University of Science and Technology

​​The Nigerian Ambassador in Amman visited Jordan University of Science and Technology

Dr. Khalid Al-Salem, Acting President of the University, received in his office this morning a delegation from the Nigerian Embassy in Amman, headed by Nigerian Ambassador Haruna Onguku, Cultural Counselor at the Embassy, Mr. Makagi Kinkara, and the Assistant Counselor Mr. Ahmed Yahya, Where they discussed ways to enhance the cooperation between the University of Science and Technology in Jordan and the higher education in Nigeria, in addition to deepening the prospects for scientific cooperation between the university and the institutions of higher education in Nigeria, in terms of attracting Nigerian students and encourage them to join the seats at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the university.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Salem appreciated the desire of the Nigerian side to expand the admission base for Nigerian students wishing to attend university. It should be noted here that the number of Nigerian students at Jordanian University of Science and Technology has reached 86 students studying various scientific disciplines. Stressing the depth of cooperation between the Nigerian Embassy in Amman and Jordan University of Science and Technology. For his part, Professor Awni Al-Atoum, Dean of Student Affairs, said that all the international students are welcomed, respected and cared for in the university. In addition, he expressed his appreciation and pride to the university students in general and to the Arab and the foreign students in particular. He also praised the advanced academic level of Nigerian students currently studying in the university or those who graduated and are currently working in Nigeria.

The visit of the delegation included a visit to the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Nursing, as well as visiting King Abdullah University Hospital to view the facilities and laboratories of the university teaching and research and clinical training sections for students of the medical colleges. A visit was also made to the university library in order to view its facilities and review its various scientific and research sources. During the visit, the delegation also met with members of the administrative board of the colleges visited. In addition, they met the Director of King Abdullah University Hospital and the Director of the library unit.

For his part, the Nigerian Ambassador praised the outstanding academic and administrative level of the University after being ranked among the top 500 universities in the world according to the World Times of Universities. He also expressed his great pride in the advanced level of the various services and facilities offered by the university for the Arab and the foreign students in general and for the Nigerian students in particular, which reflects the pioneering educational level of Arab and foreign students at the university.

The delegation was accompanied by Dr. Awni Al Atoum, Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Hassan Al Zoubi, Director of the Office of Arab and Foreign Students, and the representative of the Nigerian students, who is studying at the University.