05 Dec 2017
JUST and LUND University Discuss Mutual Collaboration

JUST and LUND University Discuss Mutual Collaboration

A delegation from the Lund University met with the President of JUST, Prof. Omar AL-Jarrah to discuss potential cooperation between the two institutions.

The delegation represented by Dr. Maria Persson and Prof. Henry Diab discussed the possibility of building a partnership between JUST and LUND for faculty and student exchange within the Erasmus + ICM program. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Ann Gharaibeh and Dr. Ahmed Freewan from the faculty of Architecture and Design

Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah emphasized the importance of the EU funded program in building effective partnerships between Jordanian and European universities including Sweden. He also stressed the importance of internationalization to the University's strategic plan and its impact on the development of its faculty and student.

The delegation also met with faculty form the department of humanities and the director of the Language center, Prof. Fathi Migdadi fothe purpose of strengthening the relationship between both institutions in the field of Arabic language studies.