21 Nov 2017
J.U.ST has signed several cooperation agreements with private sector

J.U.ST has signed several cooperation agreements with private sector

A number of cooperation agreements have been signed at (JUST) today between the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects and with the Association of Information, Communication Technology Companies (ITCC), Hamouda Industrial Thermal Laboratory Industries and Smart Engineering Services.

The agreements signed by the President of the University of Science and Technology of Jordan, Dr. Omar Jarrah, aim to institutionalize cooperation between the university and the private sector in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to motivate and support the potential creators and entrepreneurs of the university students. In addition to training engineering, computer and information technology students, upgrading their technical and industrial skills and working on developing joint commercial products with the industrial sector.

Dr. Omar Al Jarrah said that the signing of these agreements comes within the framework of the university's cooperation with the various state institutions and civil society in order to provide a scientific and practical framework for the care of the creators and providing all the technical, advisory and training services to them. This is in line with the strategic objectives of the university, which includes supporting and enabling creativity and innovation. Linking with the industry in order to raise the efficiency of university graduates and provide them with the skills required by the labor market, in addition to the entrepreneurial skills that enable them to create solutions and technical products and create small companies and creating jobs instead of searching for jobs. 

The Director of the Center for Excellence for Creative Projects Dr. Fahad Awad said that these agreements are based on the University's keenness to activate cooperation, coordination and cooperation with all sectors operating in the local community, especially the industrial and technical sectors supporting development and technological innovation. Moreover, provide the local and Arab communities with trained and qualified competencies to lead these societies towards a knowledge economy.

Dr. Hawamdeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Information and Communication Technologies (IPRODUCTION), confirmed that this agreement with J.U.S.T contributes to enriching and supporting the initiative of the production of thousand pioneers

"This agreement represents a practical model for practical application and training between the industrial sector and J.U.S.T, which is in the interest of the company, the university and the students at the same time and is a real opportunity for students to join the labor market easily," said Mahmoud Hammouda, general manager of Hamouda Industrial Thermometer. And this agreement is an excellent incubator for creativity and excellence.

General Manager of   'Smart Engineering Services' Eng. Murad Al Samman,  said,  that the joint approach between the company and the university regarding the importance of linking the Jordanian universities with the industrial sector is a strategic approach, that contributes to industrial development, Through the establishment of an integrated system that develops the capabilities of all parties concerned and creative solutions to the challenges of the local industrial, in addition to directing projects and systems and scientific research university to meet the needs of the industrial sector and develop its competitiveness. The company has signed an agreement with the University of Science and Technology through the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects to support the creative ideas of students with practical experience, financial support and the transformation of ideas into commercial projects through a business incubator within the university.

It is worth mentioning that the Center of Excellence for Creative Projects at J.U.S.T aims to achieve sustainable development by providing the appropriate technical environment.  In addition, supporting the creativity in various industrial, technical and service fields, to develop the prototype of innovative services or products that can be manufactured and marketed commercially by incubating them in the form of companies emerging into independent production companies, that support the national economy by moving to the knowledge economy in multiple production disciplines. The signing of these agreements coincides with the first participation of the University in the Global Leadership Week Glob Al-Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) through the Center as an organized partner, where this year the world celebrates entrepreneurs and innovators to create diverse and stimulating activities for creativity and innovation.