19 Nov 2017
Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) hosts the Second Irbid International Engineering Conference

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) hosts the Second Irbid International Engineering Conference

On behalf of Prime Minister Dr. Hani Al-Mulqi, the Minister of Public Works and Housing Eng. Sami Halasa inaugurated the second Irbid International Engineering Conference at JUST, organized by the branch of the Engineers Syndicate in Irbid  in the presence of the President of the University Dr. Omar Jarrah and the Jordanian Engineers Captain Eng. Majid Tabbaa.‚Äč

Eng. Halasa pointed out the importance of the conference, which  discusses many areas related to telecommunications, energy, transport, traffic, environment, nanotechnology, water and the challenges of resorting to infrastructure, stressing that this conference represents a real opportunity for meeting ideas and exchanging experiences among researchers at the local and international levels.


He also indicated that the government adopted a plan to stimulate economic growth for the years 2018-2022, which addressed the areas of engineering, housing and construction, and employ the best standards of new international practices and enable the partnership between the investors of the engineering sector to be promoted  globally.


He stressed the need for employees in the engineering sectors to have a high degree of expertise and skill to address the infrastructure challenges effectively and  economically inexpensive.

Moreover, Eng. Halasa emphasized the urgent need to integrate traditional architecture and the use of modern engineering thinking  seeking for concepts of sustainability in design and implementation, which focuses on saving energy, water and preserving the environment.


For his part, Dr. Omar Al-Jarrah, the President of the University, pointed to the challenges and obstacles faced by engineers represented by the rapid technological developments and the fierce competition between businesses in the era of globalization and the pressures imposed by the challenges of environment, energy, water, health, housing and others.  He stressed the need to strengthen the capabilities of engineers and provide them with all solutions to get rid of those obstacles.


Al-Jarrah said that the university takes on a leading role in achieving the royal visions represented by the seventh discussion paper of His Majesty King Abdullah II, which focuses on building human capabilities and developing the learning process as a way to rejuvenate the nation to receive its implications for the future directions of the university, achieving the vision of the Hashemite leadership to promote the nation through the development of creative thinking among students in all scientific and research fields.


Dr. Jarrah called on all participants in the conference to contribute actively and positively to achieve all the desired goals. He also called for finding a formula that contributes to the progress and success of the engineering profession, which is the cornerstone of the civilizational progress that serves the society and improves the standard of living.


In addition, he said that the University of Science and Technology has developed leadership skills and promoted the concept of leadership and innovation that enables graduates to create jobs instead of looking for them, stressing  the advancement of the development of engineering education through the transition to the knowledge economy, which is based on the industry and production of knowledge.

In the same context, the Jordanian Engineers Captain Eng. Majid Tabbaa stressed the keenness of the union to hold such conferences in an effort to strengthen cooperation and coordination between them and the institutions of the country, confirming the principle of decentralization in the management of the branches of the union and enabling them to provide the best services to its members.

  He pointed out that the conference seeks to provide all the latest developments and technologies that the world has reached engineers through 44 research papers and participation of Arab, local and international wide and specialized workshops and exhibition accompanying the conference, indicating that the union is determined to allow the engineer to compete globally according to the best standards.


He also stressed the need to support the government agencies and various institutions and sectors of the projects and plans and the work of the union pioneer professional work in the interest of the homeland.

The chairman of the union's council in the province of Irbid, Eng. Omar Manasra, said that the conference seeks to strengthen cohesion and solidarity between civil society institutions and Jordanian universities, to promote the Jordanian engineer and enable him to face the various global dilemmas.

The Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference, Dr. Eng. Essam Trad, said that the conference came to link the scientific outputs and contemporary research with the problems facing governmental and private institutions. 12 Arab and foreign countries participating in the conference will discuss various areas such as communications, energy, transport, challenges of asylum and others over three days, stressing the need to find applicable  scientific contemporary solutions.

The inauguration was concluded by thanking  all the leading institutions and organizations that supported the conference, including Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan's Lafarge as Diamond sponsor, Golden Sponsors; Spider and Jordan Building Contractors Association, Irbid Electricity Company, Housing Investors Association, The City Engineers' Initiative and the Royal Geographical Center.