07 Nov 2017
Continuing the Accreditation of the Specialization of "Dentistry" At Jordan University of Science and Technology/JUST

Continuing the  Accreditation of  the Specialization of "Dentistry"  At Jordan  University of  Science and Technology/JUST

The Board of the Higher Education Accreditation Commission   and its Quality Assurance Committee headed by Dr. Basheer Al-Zu'bi approved the continuation of the accreditation for the Dentistry  Bachelor's degree program at Jordan University of Science and Technology with a capacity of 1702 students.

The Dean of the Dentistry Faculty, Prof. Suhad Al-Jundi, noted that the College has taken a leading role in the teaching of dentistry, scientific research, providing health care to patients, serving the local community and providing comprehensive and specialized services which is a reflection of the tireless efforts of the previous leaderships , which have continuously sought for enhancing the reputation of the college.

Al-Jundi explained that the continuation of the accreditation for dentistry specialization qualifies the college to obtain the institutional and academic accreditation of its programs from regional and international accreditation agencies  with a global reputation.