07 Nov 2017
The Emergency Committee at JUST Holds a Meeting

The Emergency Committee at JUST  Holds  a Meeting


The emergency committee at JUST  held a meeting headed by Vice President of JUST and  Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Mohammed al-Abini in which they discussed the emergency plans of Civil Defense regarding fighting fires, evacuation and winter preparations.

Prof. Al-Abini said that this meeting comes in accordance with the directions of the university's leadership to make sure that the concerned teams (Fire, Ambulance, Rescue and Guidance) are ready to deal with any emergency situations that the university's various facilities may encounter in order to maintain students' and employees' safety.

The committee discussed the practical steps to deal with emergency situations and the responsibility of each party in being prepared for any emergency in order to ensure the continuity of service.

During the meeting, Prof. Al-Abini highlighted the requirements needed in order to make the crisis and emergency plan reach its goals which depends mainly on the crisis management team and the level of its training that enables them to detect emergency warning signs and to take preventive measures.

The participants pointed out that a successful plan depends on the available equipments and the clarity of instructions and procedures that are applied.