31 Oct 2017
Dissemination workshop at JUST


Dissemination workshop at JUST

The Vice-President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Professor Khalid Al-Salem, inaugurated the HiCure project's dissemination workshop, which is funded by the European Union Erasmus plus program, and aims to develop proposed methods of health informatics to meet the requirements of the current labor market within bachelor's degrees in medical, nursing and computer and information technology.   

Professor Yusuf Khader, the director of the project's team at the university stated that through this project, graduates of these colleges will be able to enhance their potential to use technology, health sciences and informatics to meet changing health challenges and improve their working environment and careers

Dr Khulood Shattnawi, one of the project's members at the university, explained that developing the students' health information skills and integrating them into the existing disciplines will ensure the production of students with strong skills and qualifications on a solid basis in their educational backgrounds.

The opening ceremony was attended by the project members from the European Union (Germany, France, Portugal and Turkey), the Arab World; Birzeit University and Hebron from Palestine, the Hashemite University from Jordan, and number of JUST faculty members and university students.