29 Oct 2017
A Delegation from the University of Arizona Discuss Mutual Collaboration With JUST

A Delegation from the University of Arizona Discuss Mutual Collaboration With JUST

The leadership team of the Micro-Campus program at the University of Arizona (UA) met with the president of JUST, Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah to discuss the possibility of establishing a micro -campus for the university of Arizona at JUST.

The visit comes as follow-up to the ongoing work between the two universities to establish the micro-campus initiative which gives the opportunity for Jordanian students to obtain a dual degree from both universities in highly selective specialties from the two partner universities. The two universities have agreed to discuss the establishment of dual postgraduate and bachelor degree programs in the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Computer and Information Technology.

The president of JUST, Prof. AL-Jarrah emphasized the importance of initiating such programs between Jordanian and American Universities as these initiatives align with the university's strategic mission and goals of internationalization.

The delegation was represented by Prof. Brent White, UA's vice-provost of International Education and Mr. Hassan Hijazi the Director of the middle East relations, programs and outreach.

Prof. Brent White said that UA is highly interested in cooperating with JUST as it represents highly reputable university in Jordan and the region adding that with the micro-campus, the partner university allows use of its physical campus and classrooms, and provides a designated space for UA, which alleviates the need for new infrastructure and allows the UA to focus instead on delivering high-quality education in collaboration with the partner university.

The delegation also met with the dean of the faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Karem Alzoubi and the Vice dean of the computer and information technology Dr. Mahmmoud Alshboul.