26 Oct 2017
The Leadership Team of the Institute of International Education IIE Visits JUST

The Leadership Team of the Institute of International Education IIE Visits JUST

The leadership team of the Institute of International education IIE met with the vice president of JUST, Prof. Serhan Hadad to discuss the activities of the Institute's affiliated scholar Rescue fund in Jordan and its involvement with helping Syrian Scholars who have escaped the Syrian civil war and are being hosted by Jordanian Universities.

The visit comes as follow-up to the Institutes collaboration with the faculty of agriculture at JUST in appointing Prof. Aldakhil, a Syrian professor of Agriculture as a visiting scholar at Jordan University of Science and Technology through the institute's funding program.

The Institute's delegation was represented by the president and chief executive officer of IIE Allan Goodman and the Executive vice president Maximillian Angerholzer III in addition to other representative of the institute and the Mellon Foundation.

The institute's president, Prof. Goodman expressed his gratitude for JUST and its administration in cooperating with the institute in finding placements for Syrian war affected scholars to undertake faculty positions at the university. He emphasized the important role that JUST has undertaken in helping the refugee community and the Syrian scholars through this crisis.

On his part, the vice president of JUST, Prof. Hadad explained that the university is always committed to providing assistance to international organizations that are involved in providing help to the Syrian refugee crisis. He added that the university has been working with several international and regional organizations to provide aid and assistance to Syrians and Syrian refugees through different projects and that these activities are of prime importance to the university.

The meeting was attended by the Dean of agriculture at JUST, Pof. Kamel Mahmoud and the Vice Dean, Dr. Maher Tadros in addition to the Assistant to the President for International Relations Dr. Ammar Almaaytah in addition and Mrs. Celine Taminian The IIE representative in Jordan.