18 Oct 2017
Fulbright Specialist hosted by JUST

Fulbright Specialist hosted by JUST​

The President of JUST, Professor Omar Al-Jarrah, met on Tuesday, 17th October, 2017 with Professor Cynthia Pemberton, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Colorado Mesa University. Professor Pemberton is hosted by JUST through Fulbright Specialist project appointment to work on a project entitled "Assessment of the current continuous-improvement roles and responsibilities of Deans and Departments' heads at JUST". The project was submitted to Fulbright by the academic development and quality assurance center and aims at setting a plan to enable JUST deans and department heads to balance between routine work and focus on academic staff capacity building, academic programs quality assurance, and continuous improvements.

During the meeting, Professor Pemberton updated JUST President on the project-related preliminary findings and expressed her gratitude to JUST staff for the collaboration in getting the project off the ground and moving towards attaining its goals. On his part, Professor Al-Jarrah briefed Professor Pemberton on the improvements taking place at JUST because of its strategic plan implementation and expressed his appreciation to Fulbright Specialist Program for developing collaborative projects of great benefit in helping higher education institutions in Jordan to achieve their goals.