18 Oct 2017
Faculty of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) holds its 9th International Scientific Medical Conference

Faculty of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) holds its 9th International Scientific Medical Conference

The Ninth Scientific Medical Conference convened at JUST under the title "JUST to adjust your Health: Time to Give Back to the Community". The event that was organized by JUST Faculty of Medicine in partnership with King Abdullah University Hospital and Princess Haya Biotechnology Center, was patronized by JUST president, Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah, who started his opening speech by welcoming attendees of the Faculty pioneers and saying that the conference will enhance the Faculty status, exchange of info, and research. Prof. Al-Jarrah also highlighted the significant contributions and accomplishments of faculty members calling for more work to maintain the reputation and status of the Faculty.

Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Wail Hayajneh, said that the conference of the Faculty of Medicine for this year coincided with the College's position as an advanced international center, where it ranked (451-500) among its counterparts of medical schools in international universities according to the QS ranking for world universities. Saying that the conference will focus on certain themes that highlight our role in serving priorities of our local community namely: Primary healthcare system, obesity, smoking, genetic disorders, and zoonotic diseases in Jordan in Jordan.

Adding: we are privileged this year to collaborate with a number of distinguished governmental and non-governmental organizations energetically operating in the public health domain in Jordan, including the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNet), Jordanian Public Health Society, the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO), the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), the Jordanian Society of Family Medicine, and Jordan Society for Obesity Treatment.

Moreover, our medical students at JUST according to Hayajneh, have had a great contribution to this conference, starting from the early phases of planning and preparation throughout the final stages of organization. This is why we are delighted to have a special session for them in the conference entitled: "Students Have Their say".

For his part, the CEO of King Abdullah University Hospital, Prof. Ismail Matalka, said that this conference is a medical demonstration to gather ideas, exchange experiences, join forces of a large number of health institutions in Jordan, and cooperate with prominent lecturers from home and abroad to discuss various medical and academic topics, In addition to the most important challenges in the application of treatment programs.

He pointed out that the hospital provides specialized medical care services as a referral hospital for the four northern governorates, which has a population of over two million people, all citizens of the country, guests and residents of refugees and others.

Matalka said that the hospital includes a group of specialists who have distinguished medical achievements. Stressing at developing of hospital work in all medical sectors to serve the country and the citizen in application of the Royal Vision in providing the best medical services in all its forms and stages to citizens, residents and refugees, and to make the treatment and health care service available to all with high quality and fair distribution.

The chair of the conference scientific committee, Dr. Abdallah Alzoubi, said that the conference would continue for two days with the participation of a wide range of health sectors in universities, the Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services and the private sector, as well as participants from several Arab and international countries.

Meanwhile, The Jordanian Medical Council Secretary Dr. Nidal Younes, in his opening lecture on the conference entitled "Developing our health system by raising the Jordanian doctor's competence and scientific and practical expertise", pointed out to the Jordanian Medical Council's recognition of the urgent need to develop the Jordanian medical sector as individuals and institutions to keep up with the conversation. Added that this change requires updating the regulatory legislations, restructuring residence programs and educational systems in Jordanian hospitals, activating continuous medical education and periodic evaluation systems, in addition to making a qualitative leap in the Jordanian Medical Council to become fairer and more reflective of the goals and outcomes of medical training programs.

The opening of the conference was attended by a number of leaders of the health sector in Jordan, directors of public and private hospitals, deans and professors of medical colleges in Jordanian universities, deans of faculties, faculty members and students of medical colleges at JUST and a number of interested people in the medical and health sector in Jordan.