17 Oct 2017
International Conference on Building Human and Animal Health Capacities 17-19 Oct, 2017

International Conference on Building Human and Animal Health Capacities 17-19 Oct, 2017

Under the patronage of his Excellency Professor Omar Al Jarrah, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Launched the first international conference on building human and animal capacity at the Jordan University of Science (JUST) in cooperation with Purdue University, USA.

At the opening ceremony, Professor AL jarrah, said that this Conference will forture the future-oriented discussions for improving the health of people and animals around the world. The deliberation of the conference delegates on the subjects of the conference for the next three days will bear fruitful results and lay the firm groundwork to lead the one health concept  in the region.

Professor Falah Shidaifat, The Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, said that the threats of infectious and biological agents warrant an urgent need for coordinated and integrated collaborative efforts of human and animal health providers, researchers, and policy makers, in order to implement effective regional action plans as part of the Global Security Health Agenda.

One of the main goals of this conference is to promote the vision of the regional multidisciplinary, multinational infectious diseases and drug resistance center that was recently established at JUST in partnership with Purdue University, USA.

During the conference days about 18 different scientific papers will be presented by scientists from USA, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa,  in addition to 16 scientists from local universities such as  Hashemit University, Al-balqa' Applied University and JUST.  These presentations cover different research topics in the areas of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance, in addition to three key note presentation of prominent international representatives such as the OIE representative for Global health security Agenda, former ambassador of global Biological threats  from the state Department,  USA and the Director of Infectious Disease and inflammation at Purdue University, USA

The participation of the several Deans from arab faculties of Veterinary Medicine during their annual summit that is in parallel with the conference will add a regional dimension to this conference. Moreover, several officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Jordanian Veterinary association, and Jordanian food and drug association as well as many Universities Professors attended the opening ceremony of the conference

The conference was generously  sponsored by different local and international companies in the platform sponsorship (Vaxxinova, Jovac, Bochringer Ingelheim and Modern Veterinary vaccine) and in gold sponsorship platform (Elanco) as well as by the Deanship of Research at Just in the silver sponsorship platform.