20 Aug 2017
JUST ranked 1st among Jordan Universities and 17th in the Arab Region in the U.S. News Best Arab Region Universities Rankings 2017

In the U.S. News Best Arab Region Universities Rankings 2017 JUST was ranked 1st among Jordan  Universities and it achieved position 17 among  the Best Arab Region Universities. More than 120 Arab region schools have been ranked based on 11 indicators that measure their academic research performance and reputation.

The U.S. News rankings, based on universities' academic research performance and reputation, allow students to compare more than 120 institutions across 18 countries in the Arab region. In addition, there are separate rankings in 24 subject areas.

In the Subject Ranking, JUST Dentistry achieved the third position in the Arab Region due to  the distinction in research topics related to dentistry, including dental health, oral and dental surgery and  orthodontics, whereas the Nursing subject achieved the fourth position. Nursing research covers a variety of research topics including maternity, midwifery, and community and household care . The Veterinary subject achieved the fifth position as the  university has demonstrated excellence in scientific research in the field of veterinary sciences, such as horses, animals and small animals.

This achievement is one of the many distinguished achievements that JUST has made recently in its move towards internationalization and towards achieving higher heights in the regional and  international university  rankings  which reflect the university clear vision , its well-defined strategic plan and wise leadership  that continuously focuses all  efforts towards  ensuring  the advancement of academic  performance in the university .