30 Jul 2017
The Faculty of Pharmacy Holds a Scientific Lecture at Princesses Basma Educational Hospital

The Clinical Pharmacy Department at The Faculty of Pharmacy/Jordan University of Science and Technology held a scientific lecture on the anti-coagulants at Princess Basma Hospital on Wednesday 26/7, which included a definition of the anticoagulants available in the hospital, the doses, how to use them, the benefits and the adcese events resulting from them. The lecture was attended by a number of hospital doctors and other health care members at the hospital. The activity was carried out under the supervision and coordination of Dr. Wafa Al Jarrah and Dr. Rania Mahafdah of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy. This activity, organized by 6th year pharmacy doctor students at their Internal Medicine 2 rotation to emphasize the importance of cooperation between the medical staff and pharmacist to provide optimal care for patients which is a core Issue in the mission of the College of Pharmacy at large.