24 Jul 2017
Council of the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects at JUST holds its first meeting
The Council of the Center Excellence for Innovative Projects at JUST held its first meeting in 2017, chaired by JUST President, Dr. Omar Al-Jarrah, to discuss future plans and programs to be implemented at the Center in the future. Dr. Al-Jarrah stressed that the Center was established with royal support due to the importance of the role it aspires to care for the innovators from JUST and the local communities alike and provide them with the appropriate technical environment to nurture and develop their skills. Furthermore, to transfer their innovative ideas into prototypes or services that can be turned into small businesses that are ready for commercialization. He also stressing that the technology incubator provides an appropriate environment for start-ups and the training division develops the personal, technical, and entrepreneurial skills of the innovators.
Al-Jarrah also said that the role of the Center is to strengthen the relationship between JUST, the industry, and the private sector, to attract venture capital to finance the production and marketing of the innovative products for the start-up and independent companies, to strengthen relations with peer national and international centers and institutions, to participate in national and international entrepreneurship projects, and to support talents and creative energies in order to achieve outstanding performance for talented and innovative people nationwide.
The Director of the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects at JUST, Dr. Fahed Awad, talked about the mission and targets of the Center and its vision in providing an appropriate and sustainable environment for innovation and promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and the adoption of the projects of students and faculty members that are expected to have a positive impact on the local community. Dr. Awad also presented the execution plan of the Center, which includes three axes: the first axis is the students, the second axis is the marketing, the services of the Center, and the linkage with the industry, and the third axis is the intellectual property rights.
The meeting was attended by the council members: Eng. Nayef Bakheet, CEO of DAMAN Company to develop the development areas in Mafraq and Irbid, Dr. Adnan Badwan, Director General of Jordan Pharmaceutical Production Company (JPM), Dr. Mohammed Al-Jaafari, Managing Director of Intellectual Property and Commercialization Office (IPCO) at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and the Consultant at the Crown Prince Foundation, and Eng. Mahmoud Hammoude, Director General of the Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Industries Company, and Dr. Serhan Haddad, the Dean of Scientific Research at the JUST.