22 May 2017
Tafoul 2017 Grad Show of the College of Architecture and Design

Tafoul 2017 Graduation  Projects  Show of the Faculty  of Architecture and Design

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Nouh Al Qudah patronized  the opening of the Graduation Projects Show  of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at JUST , which was organized by the faculty  and supported by  Black Iris Company and Arab Company for White Cement Industry.

His Excellency Al Qudah  praised the university advanced programs and academic curricula and its role in graduating  qualified workers   who are eligible  to serve  Jordan in all fields. He also announced  that  he already  started  preparations for launching the Award for Graduation Projects  in Jordanian universities starting  from 2018 as part of HE's initiatives to support Jordanian  youth adding that this award  will be based at Jordan  University of Science and Technology /JUST.

On his part, Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah , JUST President , emphasized that the university  education is not limited to the theoretical approach,  but rather  it blends theoretical, professional and practical concepts, which are  reflected in many university  programs , most notably in the Faculty of Architecture and Design . Al-Jarrah also  presented the university strategic Plan which  is  inspired from   the Seventh Discussion Paper of His Majesty King Abdullah II.