22 May 2017
Faculty of graduate studies conducted the final ceremony of the 5 minutes thesis competition (5MT@JUST)

​​​​​Under the patronage of Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah, President of the University, the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Jordan University of Science and Technology organized the final ceremony of the five-minute master's thesis presentation competition (5MT @ JUST). Five students from several faculties at the university had qualified for this final round. This competition comes within the efforts of the faculty of graduate studies in honing the skills of graduates that are necessary for the labor market. They are also important to increase competitiveness of JUST graduates and contribute to the leadership of society in line with the vision of the university.

The President of the University gave a speech during the ceremony in which he stressed that the students of graduate studies are the source of his deep interest and interest of the university. There are considered the main driver of scientific research and that the faculty of graduate studies graduates competent students that must lead the community and achieve its ambitions. Prof. Al-Jarrah emphasized that the postgraduate studies are among the most important pillars of the university's strategy for the next five years, which will ensure the qualitative and quantitative expansion of graduate studies.

The University President also stressed the role of postgraduate studies in achieving the comprehensive vision of the university by focusing on what the university recently called the four 4 I's:

Innovation Industry linkage Internationalization Interdisciplinary programs.

These have emanated from the translation of the Royal Vision and the Seventh Royal discussion Paper into future perspectives for the development of qualitative learning.

At the end of the ceremony, the university president handed the certificates and prizes to the winners of the competition, which included the best award for the message and the audience choice award. The student, Mohammad Jamil, has won the award of the best presentation award and student, Alaa Fahmawi, won the audience selection award