17 May 2017
Director of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) Maj. Gen. Ahmad Faqih Delivers a Lecture on "the Role of Public Security in Achieving National Security "

Director  of the Public Security  Directorate (PSD) Maj. Gen. Ahmad Faqih Delivers a Lecture at JUST

Director  of the (PSD) Maj. Gen. Ahmad Faqih delivered a lecture  at JUST  on "the Role  of Public Security in Achieving National Security ", in which he asserted that the PSD main mission is offering a range of security services to protect  all people living in Jordan  and to ensure a homeland that is safe and  secure through a comprehensive national security strategy that  is developed in accordance with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah.

Faqih asserted that PSD intensifies its extraordinary efforts and is constantly developing its capabilities and performance in fighting crime for the continuous protection of the Jordanian National Security in all dimensions emphasizing the importance of cooperation between all individuals and  official and civil institutions  starting from the family , school , university to the laws,  legislations and regulations in enhancing public security and stability towards a secure and safe homeland. 

Adding that drug enforcement  is one of the priorities of the Public Security Department  as the phenomenon of drug abuse has been on the rise in Jordan because it is  a transit country for illicit drugs due to its central geographical location in the Middle East , although with lower rates than other countries but still needs to be addressed .  Drug Enforcement Administration  is working with every effort and determination to fight against drugs .

Faqih also  emphasized that combating violent extremism and deviant ideologies is an essential part of the Public Security Strategy The Community Peace Center was established to make a peaceful society free from violence through educational programs that aims at raising awareness  to contribute to the achievement of national security.

Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah paid attribute to Maj. Gen. Ahmad Faqih for this lecture that helps provide  JUST  staff and students with more knowledge and awareness to be active partners in achieving national security.