09 May 2017
Training Workshop titled “Feasibility Study of the Projects”

Training Workshop titled "Feasibility Study of the Projects"​

In the framework of his keenness to provide a series of management training courses for distinguished students at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, which aims to provide them with the administrative skills and knowledge, the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects offered a training workshop on "Feasibility Study of the Projects", conducted by Mr. Hasan Al-Amor between April 27th and May 4th,2017.

The course included some main topics such as the diagnostic study of project ideas and the selection of the best ones, the preliminary study of the project, including studying its legal, political, social, technical, and technological aspects, and the study of the market and its basic elements, such as supply and demand, the challenges facing the marketing process, and the mixed marketing. In addition, the training covered the main factors affecting marketing activities in general, the technical study of the project, and the main components of the product such as the method of manufacturing, machinery and equipment, workers, site location, construction, etc.

At the end, the training information was used in the technical study to prepare tables for the financial study of the project in terms of different types of costs, including the foundation costs, capital, and operational costs of the project.