09 May 2017
The Faculty of Pharmacy held A Lecture about Clinical Pharmacy Research among Children

Under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Karem Al - zu'bi , Dr. Tareq Mukattash from clinical pharmacy department, delivered a lecture about clinical pharmacy  research in children  and the unlicensed use of medications, as part of the series of weekly faculty research lectures which was recently launched with the active participation of the faculty of pharmacy members.

The Dean praised this specific initiative in the Faculty of Pharmacy and praised the contributions of the professors with their research topics, which encourages the spirit of cooperation, sharpens the skills of professors in providing ideas and discussion to improve the quality of their research and help graduate students to know the interests of researchers.

On a side note, Mohammad  Shawaqfeh, Assistant Dean and coordinator of the activity mentioned that the initiative began as an idea and has received the approval and a distinguished presence of professors and interested students. The activity was launched with Dr. Mohammed Al-Saggar  from the Department of pharmaceutical Technology who delivered a valuable lecture on gene therapy and its applications as an opening for the activity which started to be interactive and the participation of professors of different university colleges and departments.