01 May 2017
JUST President Meets with Faculty Members to Discuss the University's Global Outreach Strategy and Internationalization Policy

JUST President, Professor Omar Al-Jarrah met with the university's faculty to discuss the university's global outreach and internationalization policy.

During the meeting, the president thanked the faculty for their feedback regarding the president's message for internationalization and for the initiatives they proposed to enhance the global outreach of the university and its faculties. The president also emphasized that the university's current mission and future strategy is focused on the development of the four I's motto and these include; Innovation, Industry, Interdisciplinary research and Internationalization.

The president also stated that the university is undergoing significant changes in gearing the institution towards graduating students with high innovative skills and an entrepreneurial spirit that would contribute towards boosting the Jordanian economy. Faculty members addressed the president with several initiatives and recommendation for internationalization including the establishment of dual degree programs, international faculty research visits and student exchange.


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