01 May 2017
Two Workshops in Grant Proposal Writing at Jordan University of Science and Technology

The Association of Jordanian Academies held two training sessions at the Jordanian University of Science and Technology to train some of the skills required to develop the method of writing a scientific research proposal for grants and material funding within the framework of the project "Empowering Jordanian Academies and Reality, Opportunities and Challenges".

The project manager, Lana Barham, pointed out that the Association is working to invest the energies and capabilities of the Jordanian academies and employ them to promote scientific research, community service and issues through institutional change that ensures justice, equal opportunities and gender mainstreaming in academic institutions.

Barham explained that the Association seeks to enhance the academic progress of the academies, build their capacities in all fields and activate the partnership between the Jordanian academies and civil society institutions at all levels, local, regional and international levels, and building databases for Jordanian academies in particular and Jordanian women's studies in general.

A faculty member at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences/Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences , Dr. Suhaila Al Sheboul, presented a workshop entitled "How to write an integrated scientific proposal to obtain funding and increase opportunities to obtain grants from several governmental or private donors and to determine the main objective of the proposal and commensurate with the needs of the local community and its resources, And building relationships with government institutions, private institutions, individuals and large companies concerned inside and outside Jordan.

The second workshop was presented by Dr. Mona Abu Dalu, a faculty member at the Faculty of Science and Arts/ Department of Chemistry, and the liaison officer of the Association, entitled "How to plan and write a successful research proposal." The workshop aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of academies in how to present the research idea in an organized, clear and convincing manner, and help them become more competitive. To obtain sources of support for research locally and internationally, stressing the importance of such seminars in facilitating future communication and cooperation between Jordanian academies

The faculty member and head of the scientific committee in the Department of Applied Dentistry at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and Chairman of the Scientific Research and Development and Quality Committee in the Association, Dr. Nur Al-Murtada / communication and coordination between the Association and the academies at the University and motivate them to participate in the workshops.