26 Apr 2017
The Faculty of Pharmacy holds an entertainment activity at the International Children's Village

Under the patronage of the Faculty of Pharmacy, a group of students from the Faculty of Pharmacy from the University of Science and Technology participated in a day of entertainment at the International Children's Village (SOS) in Irbid where students spent a day of entertainment with the students.
The student Ibrahim Amer pointed out that this activity comes as a personal initiative of a group of students of the college to interact with the community and to encourage volunteerism and humanism in line with the mission of the university and the college.
Dr. Mohammed Shawaqfeh, Assistant Dean, who supervised the activity, said that the work of charity is not limited to the patients, but extends to the needy. This activity was organized by students in their first years in the college to stress the encouragement of volunteering and charity work. Involvement in the voluntary work, which is consistent with the message of the University in general and the Faculty of Pharmacy in particular.
The village officials thanked the university for the efforts represented by its president Dr. Dr. Omar Al-Jarrah ,and the faculty of pharmacy represented by the dean, Karem Zu'bi on their humanitarian initiative, which had the best impact in the hearts of the orphan students.