25 Apr 2017
JUST President Patronizes the first scientific day of the Department of Pharmacology - Faculty of Medicine entitled: "Drugs are the scourge of our time"
The President of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah, Patronizes first scientific day of the Department of Pharmacology - Faculty of Medicine entitled: "Drugs are the scourge of our time", which was held at King Abdullah University Hospital.
Dean of Faculty of Medicine at JUST, Dr. Wael Hayajneh said that the number of sufferers of drug addiction around the world reaches more than 180 million people. Noting that drug abuse crisis is not limited to the number of drug users only, but extends to local communities, countries, which cost Governments more than $ 120 billion, and associated with many crimes and part of traffic accidents according to Dr. Hayajneh.
For his part, Director of Drug Control Department in Amman, Colonel Firas Al-Zoubi said that Jordan is not considered a country of production and consumption of drugs. Noting that Jordan is still a path and not a home pf drugs according to the international classification of the world.
Col. Zoubi added that Jordanian legislation has contributed to reducing the number of drug abusers, calling for the intensification of punishment for drug dealers and drug users and to identify the real causes of treatment and treatment.
The Head of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Section at Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA), Hiam Wahbeh, spoke about the impact of drugs and psychotropic substances and the role of the JFDA in monitoring the legitimate control in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for the legitimate medical and scientific use. In addition, the pharmacists responsibility for the use of narcotic drugs to serve patients in need.
Head of the Department of Pharmacology at JUST Faculty of Medicine Dr. Abdullah Al-Zu'bi and other faculties of the department, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tarifi and Dr. Nasr Al-Arifi spoke in several manners namely:
The level of the effect of drug abuse, its severity, the way it is used, and the classification of these drugs according to their effect (alcohol, sedatives, stimulants, hallucinations and causes of ecstasy) or by the way they are produced (natural or manufactured).
They explained that the drugs affect their users seriously in their body, mind, behavior and relationship to the surrounding environment. They added that these effects are resulting from one substance to another and vary in degrees of seriousness, but can be summarized in laziness, loss of responsibility, recklessness, cognitive disorder, traffic accidents and work injuries. As well as many individual-level disasters, such as the disintegration and breakdown of families of families, and social relations.