24 Apr 2017
a scientific trip for Anti-Narcotic department centers in Amman

In a scientific field trip arranged and supervised by the Pharmacology department /Medicine faculty in Jordan University of Science and Technology, a selected group of students  visited the Anti-Narcotic department centers in Amman where the profficional staff explained the vision and mission of the department, the continuous efforts in controlling narcotics use and narcotics- related crimes and the best ways to increase  community awareness. The trip also included a visit to the museum in the same center where students saw  different types of narcotics with a summary of drug smuggling and abuse.

Finally, the group visited the addiction rehabilitation center which is considered as one of the most important centers of its kind in the middle east because of the  complete  professional  medical, psychological and spiritual care provided. The staff in the rehab centers  stated that addiction liability is usually higher in individual with  domestic problems and weak religious background.

At the end, the students expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation for the staff and their  huge efforts to protect the country from all narcotics related problems and crimes.