20 Apr 2017
Graduation Ceremony for Training Diplomas "Maintenance of Hybrid Cars" & "Management of Hospitals & Medical Records"

A Graduation party was held at the Consultative Center of Science & Technology (CCST) for the first batch of professional training diplomas under the auspices of Prof. Bashar Al-Omari, Director of the Center, in the presence of the supervisors of these diplomas; Prof. Burhan Tashtoush (Supervisor of the Diploma Program in Maintenance of Hybrid Cars), Dr. Mohammed Al Yahya and Dr. Raba'a Al Waqfi (Supervisors of the Diploma Program in Management of Hospitals and Medical Records). The CCST holds such diplomas in the belief that the University has a unique responsibility towards the public service in the community and is committed to expand the scope of active participation and provide more community services to reach out all segments of society. The Center has offered these professional training diplomas for provision of trained skills and qualification for the local and regional markets, which contributes with the rest of the components of the country in reducing the phenomena of poverty and unemployment.

During the graduation ceremony, the Director of the Center gave a speech to the students wishing to benefit them, stressing the academic value and the process gained by the students during their training at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. The supervisors of the training diplomas, have also praised the achievement and diligence of students during the training period and wished the graduates success in their next work life and confirmed that they have become competent with professional abilities that will have a distinctive mark in the society through training Which they received at the hands of the most efficient professors at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Bashar Al-Omari has handed over certificates to the graduates.