17 Apr 2017
Three graduate students won the top three awards for posters in the competition made at The University of Applied Sciences (ASU)

During the third pharmaceutical conference held at ASU on April 15th and 16th, 2017 named as "Recent Trend in Postgraduate Research", three of graduate pharmacy students at JUST won the top three prizes of scientific posters competition that was held in the conference. 250 scientist from different public and private pharmacy schools has participated in the competition. The winning students were Zainab Alsobeh (1st rank), Razan Haddad (2nd rank) and Hadiyeh Mashagbeh (3rd rank).

Also, the Dean of Pharmacy School (Dr. Karem Al-Zoubi) thanked other students from JUST who distinguishably participated in the conference and competition for representing the JUST and showing the high scientific research level in this event the encompassed scientists, students and faculty members from different Jordanian, Arab and International Universities.