16 Apr 2017
University of Science and Technology hosts Cartoon artist Emad Hajjaj

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of Science and Technology hosted the cartoonist Emad Hajjaj in an open meeting with students entitled "Cultural Conversations."

Hajjaj spoke about the history of the art of caricature in Jordan and his experience in drawing sarcastic cartoons and satirical writing mechanisms and their usefulness, pointing out the close connection between the writer, especially the cynical writer, his reality, as well as the cartoonist inspired by the contents of the details of daily life, and feeds it from what he sees and hears and touches.

Hajjaj presented his creative vision of life and discussed with students a number of issues related to freedom of opinion and expression, the caricature and satire of life issues, and the contribution of cyberspace to the proliferation of cartoons and satirical essays to a wide range of society.

Hajjaj referred to the character of Abu Mahjoob, which he considered a gift to the Jordanian people. He saw it as a realistic figure, far from idealism on the one hand, or negative on the other hand, in contrast to some Arabic caricature characters who seem to be idealistic which constitutes a gap between them and reality and society.

The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Muhammed Al-Jarrah said that this activity is extracurricular continuing outside the framework of academic lectures and specialized material through meetings called by some prominent in various fields, in addition to the college's attempt to change and modernize and raise students' knowledge.

Emad Hajjaj received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Yarmouk University and set up a number of art exhibitions. He published a number of publications including" Imad Hajjaj. A world of Mind ", "A Caricature Album", "Mahjoub", "Oil on Canvas," and Happens to Me Without Other People". This is a joint book with the satirical writer Mohammed Tamlia. Hajjaj won the Hussein Prize for Journalism in 2001 and the Dubai Journalism Award 2006.