13 Apr 2017
A Lecture Titled "A Researcher's Experience: From Local to International" Delivered at JUST

In a lecture organized by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at JUST, The Dean of Scientific Research at Jordan University, Professor Shahir Al-Momani, talked about the stages that he went through as a researcher, the problems faced by scientific research in Jordan, the qualitative leap in the financial support currently offered to researchers, and the variety of knowledge sources available to them. He further talked about the evaluation of scientific research by international institutions such as Science Watch of Thomson Reuters and Scopus, obstacles related to university ranking criteria by international institutions, and the ratio of scientific research for these institutions, such as Shanghai Ranking.  

Professor Al-Momani presented his career, the stages of his research experience and the obstacles that Jordanian researchers face, and suggestions for advancing scientific research in the Kingdom. He stressed the importance of setting a goal, focusing on time management and the adherence to ethics as they have a considerable effect on the researcher's success. 

Prof. Qutaibah Khatatbeh, Chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department, had welcomed Prof. Al-Momani, pointing out that this lecture is part of the Department's activities and the University's philosophy of supporting scientists and reinforcing collaboration among them. Prof. Khatatbeh confirmed that it was agreed to host one day of the International Mathematics Conference on Fractional Derivatives, which will be held in Jordan in 2018. Graduate students, researchers and Prof. Al-Momani further agreed to form mutual research groups within the research area of Prof. Al-Momani. It was also agreed that researchers from Jordan University, as well as international researchers in the field of fractional mathematics, will participate in the Materials Science Conference that will be organized by the Faculty of Science on October 14, 2017.

It is worth mentioning that Prof. Al-Momani has a number of local and international achievements. He joined the list of most cited researchers in 2014 and 2015 consecutively, according to Shanghai Ranking and Thomson Reuters. He is the first Jordanian and the second     Arab researcher to join this list as a result of being frequently cited. He has published over 250 papers, most of them in international, indexed and refereed journals, receiving thousands of citations.

At the end of the event, which was attended by the Dean of Science and Arts, Prof. Mohammad El-Khateeb, the Dean of Graduate Studies, Prof. Borhan Aldeen Albiss, faculty and students, Prof. Al-Momani responded to audience questions which focused on his research experience, ways of promoting scientific research in Jordan, and applied benefits of research by Jordanian academicians.