06 Apr 2017
The College of Architecture and Design has arranged for a field trip to Cairo, Egypt.

On a course of five days, starting Thursday 30th till Sunday 2nd April. The main objective of this trip was to educate the students about different cultures and to show them the Heritage of Egypt by visiting the many ruins and sites.

The group contained 30 students from all three departments, faculty members, (Dr. Anwar Ibrahim, Arch. Asmaa Bataineh). The students visited the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum which contains a great collection of Pharaohs' antiquities.

Special days were also spent at the Fatimid part of Cairo where the students had chance to get into many mosques which tell the stories of Important Islamic layers of the city. Furthermore, the students visited the Citadel site with all the attached buildings, they came to learn the very important vocabularies of Islamic Architecture of mixed cultured and religious buildings such as the churches, mosques, and even synagogues, which are all some of the oldest buildings in the world.

Because of the important of all different art forms, when studying architecture when visiting Cairo, the group couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend an event at the Opera, they were lucky enough to attend the Egyptian Orchestra which is one of the most important orchestras in the world.​