04 Apr 2017
Jordanian National Immunization Program: Bridging the Gaps

Specialists discuss the priorities of the introduction of new vaccines into the National Vaccination programe

Specialists in the field of Pediatrics medicine and vaccination discussed in the “Jordanian National Program of vaccination: bridging the gaps” conference, the practical methods to prioritize the introduction of new vaccines into the program and to find solutions to provide financial resources for this introduction.


The conference held in Amman Tuesday 4th of April, under the patronage of his Excellency Prof. Mahmoud Alshyab, Health minister, who mentioned in the opening ceremony that :" Jordan achieved since the establishment of National Program of Immunization 1979 distinct successes, in the form of reduced morbidity and mortality resulting from childhood diseases, as the program provided high quality and more effective types of vaccines according to the international specifications". He also mentioned that these conferences are important and fundamental in the study and assessment of the success of the national program in achieving its objectives, and the protection of children from serious diseases, especially in the difficult circumstances facing the program because of the Syrian asylum in Jordan, and the enormous challenges brought to the program because of this”.

Vice president of Jordan University of Science and Technology Professor Khaled Al Salem, head of the Scientific Committee of the Conference highlighted four strategic ways the university is following in the service of society, including the educational, cognitive and environmental impact, and active efficient community participation. He also drew the attention to the presence of the Faculty of Medicine – JUST in the list of the best 500 faculties of medicine in the world according to the QS classification, and as classified last year as the best green university in the Arab world and ranked 60 on the internationally.


The general coordinator of the Conference, Dean of Medicine at Jordan University of Science and Technology Dr. Wail Hayajneh made a presentation on the importance of immunization of children in protecting them from the risk of fatal childhood diseases. Dr. Wail indicating that the first of what should be done is to protect them from these diseases through giving them the necessary vaccines they need to help building their immunity. He also said that immunization of children is a moral obligation and a must do duty.


The conference organized by the faculty of medicine at the University of Science and Technology in partnership with the directorate of communicable diseases in the Ministry of Health and the King Abdullah university hospital, was attended by representatives of various sectors from medical and health institutions in the kingdom.