30 Mar 2017
Hydroponic Farming Workshop Closure

After the successful training workshop in the hydroponic Farming in the faculty of Agriculture, a closure to the training workshop was accomplished today. The dean of the Faculty of agriculture Professor Kamel zuhdi Mahmoud thank all the participants involved and interested from the government and non-government organizations as well as the private sectors. The faculty of agriculture dean thanked the participants as well the faculty members for their efforts to make this training workshop successful. Prof Mahmoud honored the hydroponics project manager Eng. Laith Al-Waked for his effort in the greenhouses as well as his staff in system installation and for his lectures and his practical experience in the hydroponic farming. And in return Eng. Laith thanked Jordan University of Science and Technology represented by the Faculty of Agriculture and the staff for their efforts in making this workshop successful and a sense of cooperation and initiative and in the development of the agricultural sector.