04 Jul 2024
​ Successful Second Cluster Meeting at Jordan University of Science and Technology Highlights Progress and Collaborative Efforts in Sustainable Agri-Food Security Sector

Irbid, Jordan – [3/7/2024] – Following the success of the initial Cluster launch event at the University of Jordan, the Higher Education for Innovation and Growth (HEIG) Activity team held its second Cluster Meeting at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) with more than 140 participants. This pivotal meeting brought together key stakeholders from universities, industry partners, and policymakers to advance collaborative efforts in resolving sector-wide challenges and securing grants under the current open call for funding.

The meeting commenced with a comprehensive briefing on the outcomes of the first Cluster meeting and an overview of the fund application process, including the financial rules for the funding call. A dedicated question-and-answer session addressed participants' inquiries about the funding opportunities available.

A highlight of the event was the Networking and Matchmaking session, where representatives from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and industry partners engaged in short, pre-arranged as well as spontaneous one-to-one meetings to explore potential partnerships. This session aimed to foster new, value-added collaborations that will drive innovation and sectoral progress. Approximately, 100 one-to-one meetings were held.

Additionally, the Policy Working Sessions provided a platform for policymakers and other stakeholders to discuss existing government gaps and the impact of policies on teaching, learning, research, and innovation. These discussions are crucial for informing future policy development and enhancing the overall effectiveness of sectoral initiatives.

The HEIG Activity team's ongoing efforts underscore the importance of structured, collaborative discussions and targeted partnership sessions in addressing sector-specific challenges. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a solid comprehension of the Cluster's objectives and increased confidence in engaging with its activities.

The HEIG Activity Cluster Meetings continue to play a vital role in driving progress and innovation within the Sustainable Agri-Food Security Sector, laying a robust foundation for future partnerships and sector-wide improvements.

About HEIG:

HEIG seeks to create a system where Jordanian HEIs provide quality inclusive, student-centered market-relevant education, and foster innovation for economic growth through partnerships with industry by: Strengthening the performance of HEI's core functions; and establishing effective and sustainable platforms for collaboration among HEIs, industry, youth, community, and government stakeholders.


By the end of HEIG, select HEIs will be activated as central actors in the workforce and innovation ecosystem, contributing to Jordan's economic growth. Local ecosystem actors (e.g. educators, learners, the private sector (PS), civil society, and policy makers) in selected sectors will trust HEI's and value their engagement, and HEI's and their partners in the PS, civil society and government will have developed sustainable partnerships that improve employment outcomes and provide a platform for innovative solutions to business opportunity or societal challenges.


About the Sustainable Agri-Food Security Cluster:

The Sustainable Agri-Food Security Cluster is being established by the HEIG Activity. The Activity aims at promoting the economic role of in terms of improving graduates' skills and capacity to meet the labor market needs, and directing the technical and research capacities of the Higher Education Institutions towards needs of the private sector.

The cluster aims to acquaint stakeholders with methods for taking benefit from the technical and financial support provided by the activity, while promoting the creation of effective partnerships through collaboration and matchmaking sessions between the HEIs and the PS entities working in the fields of food production, manufacturing, or distribution.