27 Jun 2024
Jordan University of Science and Technology Launches New Electronic Examination Platform

As part of Jordan University of Science and Technology's offorts to enhance the e-learning and online examination processes and technologies, the Center for E-Learning and Open Educational Resources has created and programmed a new online examination platform (OE). This Moodle-based assessment system, designed for use in university laboratories, offers various features that provide faculty members with greater control, customization, and management of examination elements. It facilitates their task of tracking students' activities and monitoring their progress, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the educational process. Moreover, the OE platform ensures high levels of flexibility, integrity, security, and the ability to be expanded using Moodle plugins in the examination process.

It is worth mentioning that the OE platform includes a feature for automatic exam generation for each course, automatically adding all course participants to the exam while ensuring precise synchronization with the university's official exam schedule. Another unique feature of the OE platform is the ability to enroll students in exams and assign each student a specific computer device number and laboratory name. Additionally, custom Moodle plugins have been developed to enable laboratory supervisors to manage the exam during its scheduled time.

The Center for E-Learning and Open Educational Resources offers an online course on the "Maharat Platform for Continuous Learning" that thoroughly explains the usage and functionalities of the OE platform. This course is available for faculty members to enroll in.

The link of the introductory video of the (OE) platform features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yKcVmCSyrI

The link to register for the OE training course on the “Maharat" platform: https://open.just.edu.jo/course/view.php?id=3707