24 Mar 2024
Jordan University of Science and Technology extends its congratulations on the occasion of the Battle of Karamah and Mother's Day.

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Students,

 On the anniversary of the famous Battle of Karamah, where the Arab Army inscribed its heroic feats, and our brave soldiers defended Jordan from the aggression of the treacherous enemy, we recall the achievements of His Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal in building modern Jordan, laying the foundations of comprehensive development, and serving the causes of his Arab and Islamic nation, according to solid and firm principles, which have made the Kingdom a model of accomplishment, construction, and contribution, earning regional and global admiration and appreciation.

  On this special occasion, we reaffirm our utmost loyalty to His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein. We pray for his guidance to uphold our dignity and pride. We renew our commitment to serving and protecting our cherished country. Furthermore, we extend heartfelt gratitude to our Armed Forces for their contributions to the nation's greatness.

  On this day, where Mother's Day coincides with the Day of Karamah, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our mothers, the creators of glory, dignity, and pride. We affirm that the memory of the Battle of Karamah, which aligns with the celebration of Mother's Day, underscores the fact that Jordanian mothers have instilled in men the noblest ideals of sacrifice and devotion. They have spared no effort to ensure that Jordan remains upright, secure, and honorable. A special salute goes out to the mothers of the martyrs who have immortalized Jordan's name with glory and illuminated our path, allowing us to enjoy peace and security.

  The Day of Karamah stirs within us the determination to put in more effort and raise the banner of knowledge higher, ensuring that this nation remains a sanctuary for the free and a source of generosity, excellence, and prosperity.

  Our everlasting prayers that His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, the Crown Prince, and all Jordanians be blessed, along with a heartfelt salute to the souls of the martyrs resting in the beloved soil of Jordan.

University President

   Prof. Khalid El-Salem